Belicoff "G" Litter
Mating 07-09 January 2018
Born Predicted 08-10 March 2018


Lux vom Soester Bahndamm

Fricka vom Almere

Belicoff GSD produce and offer quality puppies from top working GSD bloodline over the world.

We always hope in all of our breeding plans will produce good puppies which have good balance in drives also good in character and temperament.

All of puppies are pure breed of German Shepherd Dog (Working Line) and have their PERKIN (All Indonesia Kennel Club - FCI) certificate and routine take care such like de-worm, vaccination before they are ready to adopt.

All puppies until 4 months will have some basic training which called "drive building" in ball and bite drive, so there is no classic reason in the future which said that the dog doesn't like to play ball or bite. Sorry, I am not a shit breeder who don't care with my breeding working ability. In fact, I often met trainers with lack of knowledge in training and did mistake in their training that caused a promising dog became bad in training performance and blame the dog's abilities.

Price for Belicoff GSD until 4 months is IDR. 12.500.000,-.

Born from well trained both parents and quality puppies that makes Belicoff GSD puppies are NOT CHEAP, because they are not only as a hobby, but also a dedication, hard work and MY LIFE. And all of these become reasons that our kennel is one of the best working dog kennel in Indonesia.

Buyer (puppy or adult) should pay all administration of deliver (pet travel, kennel box, cage, etc.), either by land or air.

Buyer can use their own travel agent or we will give a contact of travel agent to contact to.

For many times I do some changing of our "terms and rules" just for having a good co-orporation with buyer, but I often found that buyer (sorry) can't try to make a good communication and co-orporation in this transaction, so I think this is the newest "terms and rules" I made according to some good and bad experiences.

  • There is no "booking list" when breeding plan just announced.

  • Buyer can only try to ask and order when there is any information updated on "For Sale".

  • After all payments were paid, buyer not be able to cancel or switch the chosen puppy to other litter or it will be canceled without payment refund.

  • If for any unwanted reasons happened to the puppy, such like sick or dead before it was picked up (deliver), so the payment will refund full or able to switch it to other puppy in the same litter or other litter.

  • If for any reasons that buyer can not pick up the puppy when it's already at least 1 week after transaction, so the transaction will be canceled without payment refund.

  • Information about picked up (deliver) will be notify at least 7 days before it.

Generally Terms and Rules:

  • Every puppy or dog which has adopted can not be refund for any reasons.

  • There is no "first pick, second pick, third pick" and so on in choosing the puppy.

  • I only give any information about the puppy and not choose it for buyer, so in whatever reason, puppy will be buyer's choice and responsibility in the future.

It would be an honor for me if Belicoff GSD puppies or dogs will be pet and functioned as it's abilities by working dog enthusiast with fully responsibility and great dedication.

For more information for this breeding plan, feel free to email kenny.blackface@gmail.com or call +62.856.1314.999


Yours in Dogsports,

Kenny Rao




"play what you feel, feel what you play"

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